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Ever since 2010 we constantly invest in development of not only our offer, but also tools, that we prepare for us and our clients. INIS is a company focused on creating and providing the most effective solutions for advertisers, publishers and entrepreneurs who know that the Internet became powerful tool in current times.

We are part of the Capital Group Digitree, which provides comprehensive and effective digital campaigns thanks to its own technology and tools, unique data, knowledge and experience of specialists.

Our team

INIS is first and foremost poeple. We are a team of several people, who are passionate about topics of new media and advertisment in the Internet. Every day we do what we like and enjoy. Only such combination gives possibility of getting the best results.

Our passionate team consists of: Computer scientists, political scientists, marketers, mathematicians, graphic designers, philologists and of course, accountants.

We have at our disposal knowledge and experience that allow us to create, deveop and use the best technology available on the market.


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Legal issues

Below we offer the most important legal documents of relevance to our activities. We encourage all cooperating with us to be acquainted with their conents.