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The most important: We get paid for effect

We are partner providing extensive advertising campaign service focused on effect. We discuss, analyse, strategize and realize only those campaigns that will allow our clients to achieve competitive edge on the Internet.

We are not one of many proxies. We create and use systems allowing realization of even the most elaborate advertising campaigns.

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We create and use technology that allows us to propose strategies for effective advertisement campaigns. Our tools allows for automatic emission, analysis and campaign optimization in real time.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Your advertising programs are managed by software which precisely monitors and analyses advertising activities carried out on the internet– inisTRACK. We track users’ clicks on adverts, as well as their behaviour in target websites, where we record particular activities.
This tab is a section, where you can view the campaigns which are currently realized and monitored by our tracking system: inisTRACK.
In this section you can check all most important results of the realized campaigns together with initial statistical analysis. Statistics is updated every full hour.
Statistics is updated every hour. At every full hour updated statistics is downloaded from the inisTRACK Ad server.
The system starts displaying statistics only after any reaction is reported, i.e. if an e-mail is opened or the link located in an advertising creation (mailing or display) is clicked.
You need to enter the „Statistics” tab, and then choose „Dispatches”, time range of realized dispatches and the given advertising campaign.
Here you can view e-mailing creations, which were used in campaign realization. There is also a possibility of looking at a map of clicks, i.e. mailing visualization with the number of clicks on particular links in the creation.
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Individual customers:
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Interactive Agencies & Media Houses:
Jacek Konsek
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