E-mailing system regulations


  1. The INIS application (hereinafter „Application”) is owned by INIS sp. z.o.o., based in Rybnik (44-200), on Raciborska Street 35a, registered in the National Court Register by the District Court in Gliwice, X Economic Division of the National Court Register, hereinafter referred to as Licensor.
  2. The rules of using the Application, particularly the rights and obligations of Licensees, are set forth in these regulations, hereinafter referred to as „Regulations”.
  3. Licensee – a natural person, legal person or an organization with a legal personality, who has filled out the registration form, set up an account in the Application and accepted the Regulations. The licensee is required to provide real data when registering and bears full and sole responsibility for this.
  4. Account – an account run by Licensor individually for each Licensee, which allows access to Application
  5. Login/e-mail – individual Licensee designation allowing its identification and access to Application
  6. Password –a string of characters chosen by Licensee in order to protect access to Account
  7. Price Plan – a list of monthly charges for using Application, dependent on the number of gathered e-mails in Licensee’s database.
  8. Testing period – a period of 60 days, during which Licensee may use Application available under www.inis.pl without any charges.


  1. Application is used to send commercial information electronically.
  2. Access to Application is possible in two options: a) free, b) paid
  3. Licensee will be able to choose the option of using Application online, i.e. using a website, when setting up an account. The choice of Application version is also connected to accepting appropriate regulations.
  4. In order to set up an account in Application, Licensee is obliged to fill in the registration form available on the internet under www.inis.pl, and accept the provisions of Regulations.
  5. Within using Application, Licensee has the right to: registering Account, storing data, creating campaigns and realizing dispatches.
  6. In order to use the Application for mailings, Account must be supplied for this purpose by appropriate means. The operation described in the previous sentence will be further referred to as Top up. Top up rules are described further in the Regulations.
  7. Licenser grants to Licensee a non-exclusive license on Polish territory to use the Application, for the exclusive use of Licensee’s own, on the terms described by Regulations.
  8. Licensee may not, in particular:
    a) modify, change structure, disassemble Application, as well as use Application or its parts in other  software;
    b) permanently or temporarily reproduce Application in whole or in part by any means and in any form;
    c) observe, research or test functioning of Application, unless the observation, research or testing is undertaken by Licensee during implementing, displaying, using or storing Application and only within the range indicated by the provision of point 15 of Regulations, particularly in order to get know the idea and principles of Application,
    d) multiply code or translate its form within understanding of art. 74 item. 4 point 1 and 2 of the act of law 4. February 1994 on Copyright and Related Rights (i.e. Journal of Laws of 2000 No 80, item 904),
    e) use theApplicationin violation ofthe law, in particular the Act of18 July 2002onelectronic services,
    f) use the Application in violation of good manners,
    g) import to Application electronic addresses or other data of the persons, who had not granted consent directly to Licensee to receive commercial information electronically.
  9. Application is accessible all day and night.
  10. A baseimportedinto Applicationwill be removedat theexpress request of theLicenseewithin 14days from thedate of receipt ofthe requestmadeto removethe baseby the Licensor.


  1. Licensordeclaresthat the data providedby Licenseeis confidential andwill be made availableonlyto entities authorizedunderapplicable law.
  2. Licensoragrees tomaintainthe confidentiality ofthe databaseimported intoApplicationby Licensee
  3. Licensor declares to make every effort to ensure Application operates properly.
  4. Licensorundertakes topost informationabout how to troubleshootthe performance of theApplication in form of help, video help, available on the website www.inis.pl
  5. Licensorreserves the right toshort breaksresulting fromperiodic maintenanceofApplication or caused by unpredictable situationsuniversally recognizedas aforce majeure.
  6. In caseApplication needs to be disconnected,Licensoragrees tonotifyLicenseeofthis necessityin due advance.
  7. In case of notified irregularities or errors in the operation of Application, Licensor undertakes, to proceed to remove them immediately, but no later than within 14 days from the date of receipt of the notification.
  8. Licensor shall notbe liablefor any damages, loss of data, information, or incomeas a result offailure to deliver them to the addressee,delivering them to another addressee, delays indeliveryorinterruption of servicedue to reasonsbeyond the control ofthe Licensor, inparticular those arisingas a result ofa breakdown, general strike, domestic struggles, earthquake, flood, epidemic, other events elementaryforces of nature, whichLicensorandLicenseemay notpredictand which areexternal tothemselves.
  9. Licensor shall notbe liable for anyfraudulent use ofthe Application bythe Licensee.Licensee assumes full responsibilityfor the content oftransmitted data.
  10. Licensorprovidesthe correct operation of Application,except asreferred toin section23of the Regulations.
  11. Licensor shall notbe liableto Licenseefor material damagecaused byloss of dataon the servers.
  12. Licensor does notassume any responsibility, either explicitor impliedfor unlawfuluse ofthe Application, the data delivered,transmittedand used by Licensee, particularly personal data, registration of Licensee’s database by General Inspector of Personal Data Protection (GIODO) and anyresulting consequences, the presence and correctness ofprocedures and instructionsof personal data processing. Licenseeassumes allresponsibility, bothexplicitandimpliedfor compliance of Licensee’sdatabasewith requirements of law, in particular the requirements of the Acton the protectionof personal data, the purpose and method ofusing Application,includinglawful processingof personal data, and for a legitimateway of transferringcommercialcontentelectronically, while complyingwith applicable law,the registration of Licensee’s database in GIODOand anyresulting consequences, the presence and correctness ofprocedures andmanuals ofpersonal data processing.
  13. Licensor shall have theright to removeforeverLicensee’s Accountin particular if Licenseeuses theapplication not in accordancewith the law or the provisions ofthese Regulations, or if Licensee infringesthe rightsof third parties.


  1. Licensee agrees for processing by Licensor Licensee’s data given at registration in order to provide technical support.
  2. Licenseehereby agreesto receive, for the durationof thisagreement, regulare-mailswithcommercial informationregardingthe Application.
  3. User is obliged to get acquainted with the Act of 18th July 2002 on providing electronic services (Journal of Laws of 9th September 2002 ) and the Act of 29th August 1997 on personal data protection (Journal of Laws of 29th October 1997) and strictly obey their provisions.
  4. Licensee assumes full liability for the sent content.
  5. If the information to be sent is commercial information, Licensee has the obligation to receive prior consent from company/person Licensee wants to send the information to.
  6. Licensee may demand deleting account from the System at any time.
  7. Licensee assumes full responsibility for providing correct information during the registration process and the establishment of Account.
  8. If Licensee wants to import to Application a database which contains data treated as personal data according to the Act on personal data protection, Licensee is obliged to complete an agreement for delegating personal data processing, which constitutes Annex no 1 to Regulations. Licensee should print the agreement referred to above in two copies, complete them and send both copies to Licensor’s address. Licensor will sign them and send back one of the copies.
  9. Licensee assumes fulland sole responsibilityfor reporting a database containingpersonal informationtoGIODOand full andsole responsibilityfor completing andsigningan agreement for data processing.


  1. In order to use free /application in the Testing period, License is obliged to fill in the registration form for paid account in the internet, available under www.inis.pl, choose the Price plan: „I use for 60days for free” and accept the provisions of Regulations.
  2. Creating and using Account in Application is voluntary and free of charge.
  3. Within using Application during Testing Period, Licensee has the right to: registering Account, storing data, creating campaigns and realizing dispatches. The number of gathered e-mail addresses in the Testing Period is limited to 500 unique e-mail addresses gathered in Licensee’s account.
  4. During Testing period Licensee may send maximum 2000 e-mail messages.
  5. Testing period termination occurs with the passage of 60th (sixtieth) day from the date of creating a testing account, or if the number of e-mail addresses in Licensee’s database exceeds 500, or when the number of sent free e-mails exceeds 2000.
  6. At the end ofthetest periodorwhen Licenseeexceeds thenumberof freee-mail addressesin the databaseorexceeds thenumber of sent free messages, possibility of dispatch realizationwill be stoppedand Licenseewill be automaticallyassigned tothe appropriatePricePlan.
  7. The assigned Price Plan depends on the number of unique e-mail addresses gathered on Licensee’s account. The highest number of gathered e-mail addresses from the last month of using Testing period will be taken into consideration. Price Plan is permanently available on the website www.inis.pl. Possible changes of Price Plan will be published on the above mentioned website.


  1. In order to use Application for sending e-mailings, it is necessary to pay a monthly fee for using Application.
  2. The monthly fee results from Price Plan used by Licensee, which was chosen during account creation or automatically assigned to Licensee after the testing period.
  3. The settlement periodis a calendar month. The first day ofthe first settlement periodis thelast day of thetesting period, or the day of opening an accountwith an optionother than”I usefor 60 daysfor free”.
  4. On the Day ofCharging Accounts,Licensee’saccountwill automatically becharged with the amountresultingfrom the applicable PricePlan.
  5. If the funds in Licensee’s account will not be enough to pay current liabilities, the possibility of sending mailings will be blocked.
  6. Licensee is obliged tobearall chargesrelated to the maintenanceand operation ofthe accountuntil itsclosure.In order to close theaccount,Licensee mustsendan order of account closureby e-mailto the e-mail address: office (at) inis.plorby a registered letterwith acknowledgment of receiptto the addressof Licensor.The ordershouldcontain all the datathat had beengiven byLicenseeduring registrationandwhich is visible in Licensee’s Account Settings. The account will beclosedwithin 7working days.
  7. After eachaccounttop-up, an electronicinvoicewill be issuedin PDF format, which canbedownloaded fromthe Accountin theAccount Settings/payment tab. The invoicewill be issued tothe data givenduring registrationand visiblein the account settings.
  8. Licensee has the rightto requestan invoicein paper form.In order to obtaina paperinvoice,Licensee shallinformLicensor of the fact in writingbyregistered letter withacknowledgment of receiptno later than3 days from issuingby Licensor the invoicein electronic form.
  9. Account Top up may be realized by means of electronic payment system realized through the PayU.pl platform.
  10. Top up amount may be higher than a monthly fee for using Application. The amount will be property decreased only on the Day of Account Charging.
  11. Refundswill be madeonly ifLicensorsuspendsits activitiesandwill not allow theApplication to Licensors.
  12. The monthlyfee forthe use ofApplicationmay be increasedat the timewhen the number ofe-mail addresses accumulated on Licensee’s accountexceeds theupper limitof the number of addressesassigned tothe given PricePlan.
  13. In case of exceedingthe upper limit ofthe e-mailaddresses,Licensee isautomatically assignedto a Price Plan whichdepends on the numberof e-mail addressesin the database, in the maximum number at the time ofexceeding the allowedquantity.
  14. As soon asa new Price Planto assigned toLicensee, Monthly FeeforUsing Applicationwill be automaticallyraisedto the extent resulting from current number ofaddresses in theAccount.
  15. The New Monthly Fee will be considered in the subsequent Settlement Month after the month when the change occurred.
  16. If the NewMonthlyFeeis the nextlevelinthe PricePlan,then the differencearisingbetween the NewFeeandthe MonthlyFee for Using Applicationwill be addedon the nextDayofChargingAccounts fallingin the next settlement period.
  17. If the NewMonthlyFeeis higher than the next level in Price Plan, the difference arisingbetween the NewFeeandthe MonthlyFee for Using Applicationwill be added on the day of charging the new Monthly Fee adequate to the number of e-mails in Licensee’s base.
  18. Changing Monthly Price Plans occurs automatically only upwards, never the opposite.
  19. Loweringthe PricePlanmay be madeonly ina situation in whichLicenseehimself chooses a lower optionof the PricePlan. Subject to thepossibility oflowering ofthe PricePlanis to havethe right number ofe-mail addressesin Licensee’sAccount.PricePlancan be lowered inAccount settings.Lowering of PricePlanwill beconsidered in the nextsettlement periodfollowing the periodin which Licenseechanged the Price Plan option.


  1. Licensee has the rightto file a complaintabout a dispatchcarried outforitsfailure to be executedor its improperrealizationresulting frommalfunctioning of Application.
  2. Complaintsreferred toinparagraph 63 above, may be submittedby the Licenseein writingby registered mail tothe Licensorwithin 14 daysof the date ofdispatchthe complaint pertains.
  3. Keeping the deadline described in prior paragraph of the Regulations is determined by the date of receiving the complaint by Licensor’s office.
  4. Complaints which arrive after the deadline specified above shall not be considered.
  5. Complaintsshould indicatethe claimant’sdata, in particular the data allowing for answeringthe complaint, the date of dispatchthe complaint pertains to, and a brief description ofthe subject ofthe complaint, i.e. the problem.
  6. Effectively filed complaints will be dealt with immediately, but not later than 14 days from the date of receipt of the complaint. Claimant will be informed about the result complaint consideration by registered mail sent within 7 days from the date of complaint consideration.
  7. Licensor’s decisions in the complaint consideration process are final.


  1. Licenser may change the Regulations at any time, without giving any reasons.
  2. Licensee will be informed about changing Regulations by publishing the modified Regulations on the internet under www.inis.pl .
  3. Licensees is obliged to get acquainted with the content of the modified Regulations and accept it if they wish to continue using Application.
  4. In case of lack of acceptance for the modified Regulations, Licensee has the right to design from using the Application.
  5. All provisions of the Regulations shall be binding and shall remain in force until any of them is cancelled by a final court decision.