FAQ – E-mail Marketing

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This is a form of direct marketing. More and more companies use e-mail marketing in their advertising campaigns as one of the most effective tools of acquiring new customers and keeping previous ones. E-mail marketing is exceptionally efficient, both financially and regarding its effectiveness in reaching the recipients. Its efficiency cannot be compared to any other form of marketing: a user may accurately determine how many e-mails have reached the recipients, what proportion has been opened and how many recipients have clicked on the link.

By using e-mail marketing in current activity of a company or organization, we are able to communicate easily and –what is even more important – quickly. It is useful in all situations which require forwarding important information to a large group of contacts in limited time, e.g. in advertising campaigns, communicating with existing customers or future customers, business partners, employees, or in case of loyalty programs operation.  Below you can find some of many tasks realized with use of the INIS system:

  • Communicating promotions,
  • sending newsletters, information bulletins,
  • informing about important events in the company business, e.g. purchase of new machinery
  • operating loyalty/partnership programs
  • sending birthday or Christmas wishes
Newsletters allow to communicate new products and services in the offer, as well as promotions and sales. Our newsletters contain also other information important for customers, like tips on using chosen products, thanks to which they are a perfect sales tool and build customer loyalty.
What is significant, newsletters reach customers even if they do not visit the website regularly. They considerably lower costs and improve communication with all groups around a company and its brand: customers, journalists, business partners, investors, employees and internet users.

There are many advantages of using the INIS system for e-mail marketing. The company using the system does not have to invest in additional, expensive computer equipment and its maintenance, because the service provider takes this responsibility. The system and databases are kept on provider’s protected servers and a user connects to the system through the Internet from anywhere in the world.
Using the INIS system allows to eliminate such drawbacks like sending a message with several tens of different people or ‘Undisclosed-recipients’ in the ‘To” line. INIS makes it possible to set the time of sending and send professional messages in the HTML format.
The INIS system allows to control effects of particular deliveries, as well as to track the speed of address base growth. The system reports, among others, the number of opened messages with exact time and date, campaign efficiency by means of the CTR indicator, as well as the number of clicks on particular links. The system also calculates the percentage of undelivered e-mails and analyses the causes.
Gathering new addresses for e-mail marketing purposes is often connected with using the double opt-in mechanism. In case of using this mechanism, a user who wants to subscribe to the address list has to: firstly (single opt-in) enter his/her address in the list, and then confirm the entered data by clicking on the link in the data confirmation e-mail (double opt-in). As soon as the data is confirmed, this person can receive information prepared for the list, which he/she had tried to join.

If you want to change the password, you need to open basic settings of the account and enter new content in the spaces „new password” and „retype the new password” and then click on „save”.
Setting e-mail sender’s parameters correctly is an important activity in the process of planning your mailing. In order to define all items correctly, we need to know what particular gaps mean:
e-mail sender– content which appears in the „sender” line in recipient’s mailbox;
sender’s e-mail – e-mail address, from which a subscriber receives a message;
„Reply-To” – the address a subscriber can send a reply to by choosing the “reply to” option;
e-mail subject – the content which appears in the „subject” line in recipient’s e-mail box.
When importing addresses to the system, you need to set the status: „SAVED NO VERIFICATION” – only addresses with such a status can receive verification mailing. If addresses are already in the system, open the „Addresses” section, choose the address group, highlight all addresses in the group and choose „change status” and then „SAVED NO VERIFICATION” version. Messages have to be sent to the chosen group, by filling in : „ e-mail sender”, “recipient’s e-mail ”’ „ e-mail subject”. The subject is particularly important, as it should directly inform a recipient that this is a verification mail, not commercial information. The mailing delivery results are available within several days. We just have to wait until the interested contacts have clicked the activation link and the information has been reported in the system.
The first step towards using personalization is having the right properties in e-mail address details. If we want to use advanced personalization taking into consideration a property which is not defined in standard settings, we should name it in „Account settings /advanced”. After particular properties have been defined and the address base correctly imported, we can start preparing personalized mailing delivery. Using personalization in the INIS system consists in choosing from „Editor” the proper address feature, e.g. %prop1% (property no 1), which, after sending, will automatically change into value in each address’s property. What is important, personalization may also be used in the subject, by applying the value corresponding to particular property.

Using subscription messages is possible after having generated a subscription sheet in form of a HTML code and putting it on the website.
In the INIS system, you can generate the form in two ways:

  • Method 1: generating the form from Addresses/Subscriptions level – allows to generate the form and determine one or more groups in the system for storing e-mail addresses and the properties we want to get from our subscribers;
  • Method 2: generating the form from Addresses/Groups/Subscriptions/Add level – here we can generate the form for particular group and define subscription messages for the group.


Saved and confirmed – this status appears when a subscriber has entered his/her e-mail address to a subscription form in order to receive a newsletter and has clicked the confirmation link in his/her e-mail box.
Address blocked – this status means that no mailings will be sent to such addresses. It is impossible to update the addresses blocked during import, it has to be done manually.
Saved unconfirmed – this status means that a user had subscribed in the form to receive a newsletter, but he/she has not confirmed it by clicking the confirmation link in the mailbox.
Saved no verification – this status is for the addresses which had been imported or added to the system but no verification messages have been sent. We don’t know if the users want to receive a newsletter, so the next step is to send a verification e-mail. Please note that verification e-mail can be sent only to addresses with this status.
Desire to unsubscribe – the status of the addresses whose owners are not interested in receiving mailings any more. Unlike blocked addresses, this status may be changed during import.
Blocked due to bounces – in case of four cases of hard bounce (e.g. e-mail address mistake, address removed from server, non existing server), such address gets this status.

To do this, you need to go to „Statistics” and choose section „Deliveries” and determine time period of the campaign in question. If a mailing was sent more than 30 days before, you should determine time range for 2 months. On displayed deliveries, you can check the number of contacts who opened the e-mail in the column „Opened”.

Address statistics allows to check information about the existing base in the INIS system. Thanks to this functionality, it is possible to check the number of new subscribers in the defined period, as well as to analyze the number of unsubscribed, added or unconfirmed records.
This information may be found in „Statistics” in the „Addresses” section. By choosing a particular time period, we can check information about:

  • New subscribers,
  • Unconfirmed addresses,
  • Unsubscribed addresses,,
  • Addresses from import,
  • Addresses entered manually.
Thanks to domain statistics we can learn which domains prevails among our contacts. Percentage classification and a pie chart show the most popular domains in our country. These statistics are mainly informative.
Statistics show mail programs used by contacts of e-mails sent from the INIS system. Here we can also get some more information about mailing addressees and check, for instance, if more messages are received by means of mail customers, e.g. Outlook  or online websites.
The cost of using the INIS system in the version for companies depends on the number of gathered e-mail addresses in the base. This means that the number of deliveries is unlimited and they can be realized every day. The current pricelist is available in the tab email marketing.
INIS is integrated with the PayU system, thanks to which you can realize free transfers from many different banks. To pay, you need to log in the INIS system and go to „Settings”, and then to the „Payments” section. There it is enough to choose the right price plan – the number of records we are planning to gather on the account. The next thing is to click on „Top up your account”, which forards us to the section where we can determine the period of time we are paying for.
When the account is empty and the monthly charge follows (subscription fee is charged), the account is blocked and access to the e-mailing system is limited. This means that new campaigns cannot be realized or statistics checked. The payment module in „Account settings”, where you should pay overdue subscription fee is available all the time. The payment will automatically unblock your account.