that stay with your brand long-term,
beyond the last day of the campaign.

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Consistently building brand recognition increases the long-term effects of every marketing activities.

We have the proof!






What will you achieve by consistent building awareness of your brand?

  • A regular flow of new customers for whom your company will be the first choice.
  • Increased consumer confidence and a permanent place in their minds when making purchasing decisions.
  • Greater effectiveness of your ongoing sales campaigns, persisting for years to come.

Why doesn't everyone do it?

  • They’re not aware of the impact of branding on the effectiveness of short-term sales activities.
  • Brand recognition seems difficult to verify.
  • They focus on quarterly results rather than years.

Business is a marathon, not a sprint.

We can help you gain a competitive edge over your competitors focused on the “here and now“.

They speak for us:



We have run more than 20,000 campaigns - both sales and branding. We know how to combine strategy and tactics to maximise their effects.



We operate in a transparent and understandable way. We deliver and interpret the results of our activities so that their benefits are fully visible to you.

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We have been creating the Polish digital advertising market since its early days, and we are a member of organisations bringing together leading Polish technology companies

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We carry out activities for our customers primarily using our own media, so that we have full control over them and the possibility of continuous optimisation.


Effectiveness in action... nothing more than sticking to a good plan.

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Fill in a short brief giving us basic information about the challenges you face.



We will examine how your brand is currently influencing the market and how it is perceived.



We will identify the necessary actions to achieve your goals and maintain the effect for as long as possible.



We will start the campaign and our specialists will oversee it, ensuring all Brand Safety standards are met.



We will present, discuss and interpret the results of the campaigns for you.

Does it really work?

See what those who have bet on brand awareness have to say.

  • Dawid Dusza



    People using hotel services increasingly expect high standards and value for money to go hand in hand. Compromises and concessions are out of the question - customers want to be sure that their needs will be fully satisfied. After all, they usually go on their dream holiday after hard work for many months. So they want to know exactly whether the chosen facility will provide them with the relax they desire. For some it will be blissful silence, while for others it will be the power of the attractions they will experience. We are therefore building Triverna's image so that customers see us as a reliable partner in this area. Creating a brand image must be followed by a guarantee that the promise we make will be fulfilled. So we expand our offerings, check the standards of the facilities, gather feedback on the quality of service, and in addition, negotiate the best prices for vacationers. We do everything so that they know that they will be able to feel carefree and will be largely taken care of already at the stage of searching for a place to rest. The number of people who regularly use our services tells us that the Triverna brand, delivers on its promise, so that it is seen as an advisor worth trusting.

  • Łukasz Machejek



    Technological progress has meant that today games are partially taking over the role of traditional cultural works, such as film, music, art, architecture and even literature - providing audiences with entertainment at an ever higher level. However, people still feel a deficiency in this area, and at Open Quiz we decided that we wanted to satisfy it. That's why we created an engaging online quiz we called Yazzda. Today's entertainment consumer is a man full of paradoxes - on the one hand he wants to constantly develop and achieve success, on the other hand he cares about relaxation, and on the third hand he wants to achieve a satisfying financial status. This is evident mainly among the so-called Generation Z. We want Yazzda to be synonymous with just such an innovative, modern and engaging, but also rewarding knowledge. We also want it to be perceived as such by our users. Consistently creating our image, we are getting closer to this goal - by sharing our vision with our potential customers, we are constantly increasing the number of people playing with us.

  • Paweł Bukowski

    Senior PR and Communication Specialist


    A strong brand and quality service in such a competitive industry as insurance are key factors for success. CUK Ubezpieczenia is a multiagency that has been providing insurance products from all Companies on the market for more than 20 years. A customer using CUK's services gains the ability to purchase policies on the website, in the application, Contact Center, as well as in over 500. stationary outlets, among others. Innovative solutions of the multiagency provide an overview of all offers, and thanks to professional advice, the customer chooses insurance that fully protects key areas of private and professional life. The insurance industry is based primarily on trust, so brand recognition and strength of association play a big role. Thanks to the conscious and consistent shaping of the image and the quality of customer service that follows it, today the CUK brand enjoys the recognition and trust of more than 700,000 customers

  • Dawid Kuczewski

    Marketing Manager


    Women and their fashion needs - this is an area we know almost everything about. We turn our knowledge into action by running a lingerie store. Satisfaction of our female consumers is an absolutely fundamental goal for us, which is why we attach so much importance to making our brand a partner and advisor worthy of their trust. We want customers buying in our store to feel that they are not left alone with their choice, but to feel that Kontri is a brand and a place where, in addition to quality and a wide selection, they will also find help in buying lingerie to meet their expectations - matching the occasion, figure, produced by a particular manufacturer, or providing a comfortable and favorite cut. That's why we bet on our brand's image - we educate, advise, inform about new products, maintain a dialogue with our customers so they know they can count on us when they need advice. We believe that beautiful, quality and tailored lingerie helps women feel special. That's why we are shaping our brand in such a way that customers will gladly return to us, knowing that they will find just what they need.


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