Data Driven Media

The basis of our activities has always been data


Audience Display

  • Unique data
  • In-house technology
  • Unusual targets
  • Constant optimization

INIS Audience is a display campaigns emission, targeted on behalf of users' behavior and intentions in the web.


Mobile campaigns

  • Geotargeting
  • Unique data from DMP
  • Advertising in applications
  • Mobile retargeting

Personalized advertising for mobile devices, based on behavioral and location data.


Native advertising

  • Top viewability
  • Responsive format
  • Brand safety
  • Video native ads

Advertise your products right next to the content which engages your present and new customers.


For e-commerce

  • Effective traffic for e-commerce
  • Odzyskiwanie porzuconych koszyków
  • Affiliate program
  • Optimization of advertising media

We provide effective, data-driven advertising media, such as e-mailing, display, affiliate programs and sales optimization tools for e-commerce.



  • Technology development
  • Daily tests of new solutions
  • Unique tools
  • An innovative approach

We constantly develop our own solutions, ensuring our clients access to the latest technologies.

Technology and data

Behind our high-converting advertising campaigns

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Artificial intelligence

Advanced algorithms of artificial intelligence reach your recipients with the right message, at the right time and via the right channel .

E-mail marketplace

The biggest e-mailing network in Poland with a constantly growing number of Publishers and resources. Based on modern technologies of mailing targeting and automation .

Our own DMP

We create segments of recipients with specific features, e.g. people interested in water sports. Then we apply appropriate filters to those segments, such as location or income .

Affiliate network

The INIS affiliate network will let you reach a wide range of new customers and broaden your target groups .

Tracking system

INIS Track® is our own effective tool for tracking, measuring and determining the attribution of conducted campaigns. It includes an antifraud system .

INIS audience

The data on purchasing interests and intentions let us create a digital fingerprint of a specific user. The ongoing update of features ensures that the segments created this way are always relevant .

E-mailing system

A solution developed specifically for Publishers and database Owners. We guarantee top deliverability and monetization methods .

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Work with you makes us strong

Got a base?

If you have a legally obtained e-mailing base and want to monetize it, contact us. By making your base available to us, you earn on every mailing we send using your records. You can define the precise conditions of our cooperation at the e-mail marketplace. We ensure GDPR-compliant actions!

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Are you a Publisher?

If you have a content website, a coupon website or a mailing base or you conduct affiliate activities, we invite you to join our network! We carry out over 300 programs a month for the biggest Polish and international brands. The INIS Affiliate System is also an intuitive and modern tool which applies state-of-the-art solutions.


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