Anitspam policy


When using the INIS e-mailing system, a user commits to do so in accordance with the INIS Anti-spam Policy.

The Company does not agree and does not allow the use of its service or software for sending unsolicited electronic messages to the recipients. Spam is unsolicited electronic mail sent out to multiple recipients, who had not granted consent to receive such messages.

Using e-mail marketing, it’s necessary to observe the following rules:

  1. Use the double opt-in method to gather e-mail addresses. A user may import only the records to the system, for which consent was granted for sending commercial information by means of electronic mail.
  2. Each user of the INIS e-mailing system is obliged to use the tool in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection and the provision of electronic services.
  3. Do not purchase a database if you want to carry out e-mailing to external bases – outsource it to a professional company. It is forbidden to import records and send messages to e-mail addresses collected from the World Wide Web or any public databases.
  4. Personalize e-mailings, send only requested information, related to recipients’ interests.
  5. Always type the name of company or name and surname in the “Sender” line, to enable proper identification by e-mail recipient. A user is obliged to enter his/her data in the e-mail footing, so that messages can be recognized by recipients.
  6. Always provide instructions related to subscription resignation in your newsletters. It is forbidden to realize subsequent dispatches to records, who had unsubscribed from the recipients’ list.
  7. If you collect personal data, register your base in Inspector General of Personal Data Protection (GIODO).

INIS sp. z o.o. stipulates, that in case of receiving notifications on sending spam by one of the system users, INIS may prevent such conduct by blocking the account and terminating agreement with the spamming user, as well as notifying the competent institutions about committing an offence or a crime by the user.

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