We increase sales
in online shops

An online shop and the right product range are the first steps on the road to success.
However, sales need new visitors. Every business and shop requires an individual approach to promotions so that they can reach the right group of customers.
It is worth performing those activities with a professional partner.

They trust us

We know e-commerce

and help our clients be successful there

We acquire new user traffic for shop websites

We serve both small and large clients, who entrust us with different tasks. We supply big e-commerce structures with the best advertising media. We develop complete strategies of online presence for smaller shops. We use a mixture of communication channels. We test them and select those which bring the highest profit in the attribution-including approach !

Our solutions include:

  • advertising e-mails in various versions
  • display performance
  • remarketing and retargeting campaigns
  • native advertising owing to Nativeo.pl
  • product comparison engines
  • voucher and cashback portals
  • lead generation using affiliate networks and call centers
ruch użytkowników

We rescue abandoned carts and increase the sales value

Merely 3% of visits to a shop end in a purchase and 70% of baskets are irretrievably abandoned. Those are the biggest problems tackled by all e-commerce shops .

We offer technical solutions which will let you resume and conclude the transactions in abandoned baskets and help you remind your customers about the products they were interested in .

Revhunter is a tool which supplies the following solutions:

  • e-mail retargeting to anonymous users
  • product recommendations for customers
  • dynamic e-mailing creations for newsletters
  • dynamic display formats for RTB publishing
  • consumer and product insights

We run partner programs
for e-commerce

INIS Affiliation is also an affiliate network which gives us access to several thousand websites that publish ads for us. Every month we manage over 100 partner programs of our clients, carrying out their sales strategies. We match the devices and communication channels to the campaign for top effectiveness .

Our solutions include:

  • advertising e-mails in various versions
  • discount and voucher portals
  • product comparison engines
  • thematic portals (virtual and vertical)
  • blogs and Internet forums
Programy partnerskie

Expansion of the online shop customer base

E-mail marketing do bazy własnej jest niezwykle skutecznym narzędziem. Newslettery otrzymywane ze sklepów internetowych są najczęściej odczytywanymi wiadomościami tego typu, przynosząc tuż obok reklamy w Google i SEO, największa liczbę transakcji w sklepach internetowych .

The power of every big online shop lies in its loyal customers and fans who bind themselves permanently to a given brand. Those persons much more frequently return to the shop to make the next purchase .

We assist in:

  • preparation of a base expansion strategy
  • running of base-expanding campaigns
  • carrying out contests involving newsletter subscription
  • analyzing the existing records

We perform those processes using Expectus

baza klientów

Sample base-expanding campaigns

Tracking of advertising campaigns

The tracking system that we use monitors and carefully analyzes the traffic coming from e-mailing and from various ad formats placed on our Publishers’ websites .

This tool is constantly developed. It provides our Publishers with clear statistics available online 24/7. The system is equipped with a module which detects and combats any illegal activities qualified as fraud .

The most important functions include:

  • hybrid settlement models
  • dynamic refreshing of statistics
  • a modern panel for campaign settlement, with action reports and the possibility of uploading invoices/bills per campaign
  • refreshed API and postback for Publishers
  • post-API integrations
  • śledzenie kilku poziomów konwersji (tzw. deep linki)
  • a module to run e-mailing campaigns