The key to
digital success
is reaching the right people.

Every day we deliver

To reach the right recipients with the right message .

Reach campaigns

To get to the highest possible number of people in the target group of recipients

Kampanie zasięgowe

Brand awareness activities

To improve brand recognizability and get the message across to the users who will remember the advertisement

Działania brand awareness

Performance actions

To focus on specific goals of a campaign, e.g. time spent on the website, filling in the contact form or downloading the price list

Akcje performance

Nonstandard actions

To perform where standard advertising forms do not meet the expectations. These include e.g. blog posts, contests and dedicated content

Akcje niestandardowe


They make us know your recipients better

We work with a dedicated DMP which helps us manage data for marketing purposes. We create segments of recipients with specific features, e.g. people interested in water sports. Then we apply appropriate filters to those segments, such as location or income .


We categorize

...the data collected on a running basis from numerous partners, publishers and designs carried out within the Digitree Group .


We enrich

...cookie files with additional information on demography, interests and purchase intentions to create profiles and personas which are useful in targeted activities .


We manage

...the data on the publishing of advertisements and its impact on the ongoing accomplishment of the set goals (KPIs) of a given campaign to optimize the necessary parameters in real time .


We offer unlimited possibilities with regard to advertising formats

  • Dynamic
  • Static
  • Rich Media
  • Nonstandard formats
  • HTML5


It lets us reach your users

We publish advertisements using our own adserver solutions developed for a few years now within INIS and Digitree Group as well as international solutions in programmatic advertising .

We also verify advertisement publication locations, thus ensuring brand safety.