FAQ – for publishers

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If you are interested in cooperating with INIS, you only need to fill in a registration form and wait for a call from us. One of our consultants will verify the entered data and add you to the network within two working days.
Yes, it is possible, but you should notify this wish to your consultant. The INIS system gives you a possibility to manage even several tens of different accounts from the planner level. This function is useful when you manage many mailing bases, which you don’t want to connect for some reasons. If you are interested in cooperation with INIS, you only need to fill in a registration form and wait for a call from us. One of our consultants will verify the entered data and add you to the network within two working days.
Yes, we cooperate also with people who don’t conduct economic activity. Settlements proceed on the basis of issued bills – we don’t need to receive VAT invoices. You can get details about bills from our consultants.
Unfortunately not. We cooperate only with adults. If you want to start cooperating with us, your account has to be set up by your legal guardian.
If your e-mailing base has been created legally, that is: each contact joined the base intentionally and confirmed the will to receive adverts from you and your partners, you can join E-mailing Advertising Network INIS.
No, unless e-mail addresses’ owners granted you and your company consent for receiving commercial information. With no consent, you cannot realize dispatches using their addresses.
Yes, you can, if you are an agent, who signed an agreement with the base owner for managing it. You just need to present such an agreement, so that we can see that all activities are legal.
To change the access password, you need to go to „Basic settings” tab, enter the old password and fill in “New password” and confirm the change by clicking “Save”.

To do this, you need to open „Basic Account Settings” and upload the new logo in the „Logo update” section. It will be visible in the publisher’s window in subscriber’s profile.
Guidelines for file:

  • size– max. 500×200 pixels
  • format – .jpg, .gif, .png
  • weight –  max. 1MB


To delete an account from the INIS system, you need to open the section „Account settings” and further – „Advanced settings”. The section „Delete account” includes a button „Request account deletion”. Clicking it will cause sending a proper message to publishers’ service department.
First advertising campaigns will be visible on your account as soon as you import your e-mail addresses and fill in data related to the possessed database. We will let you know by e-mail about a mailing waiting to be sent. After obligatory dispatch has been realized, additional mailings will appear on your account. If you want to receive suggested advertisements, inform us about it by writing to: reklama@inis.pl, and we will consider the request in planned advertising campaigns.
As soon as mailing dispatch is confirmed by clicking on „Send obligatory mailing” or „send and earn”, the dispatch will be planned for realization, and will be physically sent according to the date show in „Realization date” column. It will often be within one or two working days from receiving information about an advertising mailing waiting to be sent.
Mailing footer is generated automatically from your data filled in account settings. Ready footer looks like this: „You have received this mailing, because you had given your e-mail address (recipient’s address) on the website (publisher’s website), at the same time accepting the provisions included in the regulations (link to publisher’s regulations). To resign from further correspondence, use this link (resignation link).”
You are the sender, because it’s you who realizes advertising campaign to your subscribers. If the mailing is commissioned by a third party, the space „Sender” includes also its name, which is added automatically. You fill in only your part: the same sender’s name that you use when you realize your mailings. It looks like this: Advertiser (filled in by the system)/your sender’s name.
Advertising mailing will be realized to the whole address base, except for the addresses from Private Group. This is a group where we can gather addresses which we don’t want to send advertising mailings to. During advertising dispatch realization, all addresses from this group will be omitted. This group can include up to 100 e-mail addresses.
E-mail marketplace is a new tool which allows for automatic sales of advertising mailings to your address base. Joining e-mail marketplace, you sell adverts to your bases faster (first you determine cooperation conditions), more efficiently (the whole sales process takes place using the system) and more effectively (you can view updated sales results).
To join e-mail marketplace, you open the „Tools” tab and choose „E-mail marketplace”. By clicking on „Join e-mail marketplace” you begin your adventure with automatic sales of e-mailing campaigns to your bases. From this moment, after determining cooperation conditions, you can automatically increase income on your bases.

The following settlement models are used in e-mail marketplace:

  • range mailing to the whole base CPM (cost per mille) – settled for 1000 sent e-mails
  • targeted mailing CPM (cost per mille) – settled for 1000 sent e-mails + targeting of the base
You share only the groups which you want to sell. The groups made available in public resources in the mailing system are visible in e-mail marketplace as ready to sell. In e-mail marketplace you can see all possessed groups which you can made public any time by clicking “YES”. Similarly, you can exclude any group from sales at any moment by clicking “NO” in public resources.

If you haven’t created any groups in the mailing system, the table in e-mail marketplace is empty. First you need to import addresses in the mailing system and divide them into groups.

Yes, you can change them any time. After opening e-mail marketplace you click „Edit” and correct the conditions. Do not forget to save the new conditions. At the end the new volume of the base will be summarized.
Statistics related to automatic sales in e-mail marketplace can be viewed in general statistics from the main menu. After selecting the time range or kind of chart, summary of the realized sales appears.

Yes, you can. After logging in to the system, in publisher’s panel on homepage there is „Your earnings” window, where you can see income on a given day, month, as well as total income since you joined e-mail marketplace. After clicking “Go to finance”, you can also see payment history.
Public resources is a place where address groups to be sold are located. These groups are visible by other users as available for targeting..
Yes, if mailings correspond to the conditions determined in e-mail marketplace. There is no additional approval on the side of the publisher. If the mailing categories which you don’t want to send to the base are ticked, internal system moderation will not allow for issuing e-mails with such content.
No, they can’t. An advertiser determines the subject, dispatch date, rates and target. The system automatically matches the corresponding bases and presents a potential to be used with the assumed criteria.
Targeting public group takes place through a range of global filters by given records. Global filters are features determined in the system which can be ascribed to particular e-mail addresses in the mailing system. Filters shared in public resources are visible as targets. Targets will be visible only if a group belongs to public resources.
Go to „Publisher’s panel” and then click the tab: „Advertisement programs”. Find the right campaign and click the orange button „Join the program”. Acceptance or rejection of your application will be communicated by e-mail within one working day. If you don’t receive any information, please report the fact to your consultant or contact us by sending a message on the general address for publishers: cs@inis.pl
We recommend joining the programs which are from your website’s category. If you join the program whose content doesn’t correspond with your website, there is a high probability that your application will be rejected.
Information about acceptance will appear on your account in „Publisher’s panel”. The program which you wanted to join will change its status into “Accepted” and two buttons will appear: “Download creation” and “Realize dispatch”.

Acceptance or rejection of your application is also communicated within one working day by e-mail on the address you had filled in. If you don’t receive any information, please report the fact to your consultant or contact us by sending a message on the general address for publishers.

As soon as an advertising program is accepted, two buttons appear next to it on the program list: „Download creation” and „Realize a dispatch”. By clicking „Download creation”, we go to given program’s card, where you need to click on „Download a code” and choose a proper advertisement format, copy the code and paste it in the right place on the website.
Yes, you can. You just need to delete the previously downloaded advertising codes from your website.
An advertising pool gives you a possibility to issue several different advertising programs within one format. If there is Double Billboard on your website, you can hook up an advertising pool of Double Billboard size(750×200) there and have a rotating display of several different programs.
Advertising pools also have an automatic optimization system of creation issue from the point of achieving best financial results.
You need to go „Tools” and choose advertising pools. After opening the dedicated tab it is necessary to define the pool’s name and size. The size means the number of pixels of the advert issued on your website. Next, you should transport the advertising creations which you want to issue to the „Chosen banners” window.
The statistics is updated every full hour and is visible as soon as the issued advert is clicked for the first time.
You need to go to „Publisher’s panel” and click on „Statistics”. Next, within „View”, you can choose „Programs” and time range which we want to see the statistics for.
This can be dome in two ways:
• choose „Programs’ view” and open the program within which the dispatch was realized and expand the line „Mailing”;
• choose the view of dispatches and the advertising program.
Polls’ statistics is displayed in two variants: as collective statistics for the whole pool – this option is available in „Advertising pools” in „Statistics”, additionally statistics of particular banners is presented within particular programs.
Let us get to know you! The more precise your database, the better we can adapt our advertisements’ content to your contacts. Then the opening rate will increase and so will the number of conversions, which surely influences the level of your commission. Go to account settings and give us information about your address base.
Each new account user automatically gets a CPM rate in the amount of 6 PLN. This is basic amount offered at the start of cooperation with publishers. The rate will be changed after we’ve received more information about your base and its specificity. If you have any questions related to rates, please contact us by e-mail at reklama@inis.pl. In case of advertising campaigns settled according to performance model (CPL, CPS), the rate is visible each time by particular mailing.
Settlement models are ways of calculating your commission for realizing an advertising mailing. Our system offers the following models:

  • CPM (Cost per Mille, also called CPT – Cost Per Thousand) – the rate you will get for sending a mailing to one thousand addressees.
  • PPC (Pay per Click ) – payments realized for clicking to one of links in the advertising mailing. Only unique clicks are counted.
  • Hybrid – a combination of different models of payment, e.g. a CMP rate + additionally we reward clicks.
Minimal payment in our system is 50 PLN gross. This means that if you gather this amount on your account, you can issue a bill/invoice on the basis of which we will make a transfer.
Yes, you can earn on sending advertising e-mails as a natural person. Your commissions will be paid on the basis of bills, which you should issue monthly.
Every month of our cooperation (up to 15th Day of each month) you should send us a bill/invoice on the basis of which we can pay you the commission earned in the previous month.
To do so, you need to go to the tab „Advertising mailing /payments”, read the earned amount and put it on your bill/invoice. Next, the document has to be uploaded to the INIS system, using the option available in the tab “Advertising mailing /payments”,.
Before the first payment, we additionally need a copy of the following documents: REGON(statistical number)/ Count Register number and TIN. If you are a natural person, together with the fist bill we need a copy of your ID (both sides) and the following documents:
– declaration of the fact that you don’t conduct economic activity (model)
– declaration that you are not registered as a VAT payer (model)
The invoice should be issued for: INIS sp. z o.o., ul. Raciborska 35a, 44-200 Rybnik, NIP: 642-31-28-785. Remember to write in the right title: „Rental of advertising space on a website and in advertising mailings”. Please send the invoice to the above address together with all necessary documents. The payment deadline is 14 days.
If you are a natural person, who does not conduct economic activity, you have to issue a bill.
Yes, you do. If you a natural person and don’t conduct economic activity, you will receive PIT 8C form at the end of each year which includes all income you earned as a result of cooperation with us. This amount will have to be considered in your yearly settlement with your fiscal office. We send the same form to your fiscal office too.
This is a probable amount you will receive by realizing a particular advertising dispatch. It is probable, because really only after the completion of dispatch we will know how many people actually got the mailing , how many clicks there were and to what extent the objectives were achieved.

In the CPM model, settled for sending e-mails to 1000 addressees, the estimated income is the most similar to the actual income of campaign realization. It is calculated by multiplying the CPM rate by the number of addresses the mailing was delivered to (sent mails – bounces). It is important to remember that the final income for CPM campaign realization is calculated according to the following formula: CPM income = CPM rate x ((number of sent mails – bounces)/ 1000)

In the CPM model income is settled for sending an e-mailing to 1000 addressees. It is a product of the CPM rate multiplied by the number of addresses the mailing was delivered to. After sending a mailing, automatic bounces (addresses which proved inappropriate or inactive) are received from a number of sent e-mails for seven days.